Current Market Outlook

As the world adopts digitalization across increasingly more sectors, markets, and everyday use cases, the damage generated from cybercrimes is only going to increase unless robust solutions are developed to take preemptive measures.

With IoT having been deemed the most vulnerable to cyber attacks due to the limitations of the underlying technology, many applications are considered a huge security risk for feasible organizational use and smart home appliances.

According to the World Economic Forum, approximately $5.2 trillion USD in global revenue will be at risk across 2019 to 2023 due to cyberattacks, making cybersecurity a large-scale concern for organizations, governments, and individuals alike.

CyberSecurity Solutions Development Challenges 

The Machine Learning (ML) aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to provide the most value since it allows the detection of cyber threats and takes measures before a vulnerability is fully exploited.

Although it currently provides a safety net, it comes at a high cost from a financial and power-usage perspective and will only be a temporary solution since ML and AI can be developed for malicious purposes also.

Due to the necessity of high processing power, storage, and energy for AI solutions to be implemented, the current technology landscape heavily limits AI applications in the cybersecurity space.

BrainChip Technology applications in Cybersecurity

The Akida platform provides an optimal backbone for AI-enhanced cybersecurity ecosystems due to the high processing power and storage generated at low energy costs making it applicable in a wide variety of security applications.

Our methodology revolves around deep behavioral analytics and real- time monitorization of the raw traffic stream generated by IoT devices leading to a feasible implementation across multiple sectors and markets.

Eliminating human security vulnerabilities

With the Akida Platform, cybersecurity systems can learn and analyze each pattern of your behavior from typical internet activity to typing and scrolling speed. Any behavior which stands out from your standard pattern will be flagged and countermeasures will be deployed in real-time to ensure an optimal reaction to ongoing cyberattacks.

For organizations, this would mean eliminating the human aspect of security risk entirely as it would develop a behavior profile for each employee and prevent any malicious intent.

Robust IoT Cybersecurity solutions

The Akida Platform enables AI applications for cybersecurity systems, which can monitor network traffic streams for Wi-Fi dependent technology such as drones, robotics, and IoT.

Monitoring the raw traffic stream of IoT devices identifies if there is an ongoing cyberattack since the data traffic would also have to be directed to the attacker to make device highjacking a possibility.

Our solution ensures a timely reaction and prevention of any cybercrime activity and can be integrated with all types of security applications depending on industry needs.