BrainChip Computational Neuroscientist Job Description and Requirements 06.01.2020

The Computational Neuroscientist’s primary job function is to work with the CTO to identify innovative technologies, and to research and develop practical Spiking Neural Network based products by using BrainChip’s spiking neural model and previous research.  This involves the development of an architecture that is flexible in its application. The resulting SNN architecture will have a wide application range in areas such as Computer Vision, Olfactory, Auditory and Tactile feature learning and extraction.  Will also work on a development kit and API which will form the foundation for products for the in-house product development team and will also be made available to external research and development facilities. The computational Neuroscientist will work with associated educational facilities such as the Cerco, UCI and UCSD and evaluate technologies that are relevant to BrainChip’s SNN technology.

Education Requirements:

  • Ph.D In Computational Neuroscience with experience in Neuromorphic Engineering


  • At least 3 years Post-Doctoral experience in modeling biological neural systems


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